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  • Planning a Trip to Tignes in the Summer – Everything you need to know


    Tignes is amazing in the Summer whether you are a thrill seeker who fancies mountain biking or a hiker who wants to take in some of that fresh mountain air, I can’t recommend it enough! However as it is technically out of season getting yourself there and staying there if you are on a budget (especially if you are traveling alone) it can be expensive. If you are looking for some tips on how to get there, find somewhere cheap to stay and make sure you do as much as you can for as little as possible, keep reading.

    Getting there:


    If you are planning to travel by air then makes sure Skyscanner is your first port of call. It’s the largest flight search engine, doesn’t charge you commission and its never let me down yet!

    The closest airports is Chambery, however in the summer flights can be very expensive and limited.

    The other airports are all around 3 hours drive from Tignes.

    Geneva – This is the airport I would recommend as there are lots of flights all year round making flights cheaper. The public transport route is easy between Geneva and Bourg St Maurice. As a bonus Switzerland it’s also outside of the EU you can get Duty Free!

    Lyon and Grenoble – During the summer there aren’t so many flights so flights tend to be more expensive and transport on isn’t as easy as it is from Geneva.

    Travel from Geneva to Tignes

    Catch the train from the airport to Bourg St Maurice. If you arrive during the day then there is a bus up to Tignes, there is only 1 or 2 per day. If you don’t arrive in time for one of the two busses then your only other options are a taxi from station which costs around €90 or I’m assured by the locals that it is quite safe to hitchhike. It’s really common and most of the locals I spoke to (my sister included) often pick people up and give them a lift up the mountain.

    If all of that sounds a bit too much like hard work for you then make sure you check blab la car. Many locals who commute between Geneva and Tignes post on there to offer lifts cost is around €20 euro making it a really cost-effective way of travelling and as an added bonus you get to spend 3 hours in a car with a local whose brain you can pick of information about what to do when you arrive.

    If you have the budget or are traveling in a group then an Airport transfer is around 400 Euro

    Another idea would be to hire a car for the week and drive yourself there and back. If you plan on doing some day trips and traveling around a bit then this would be the best option.

    Helicopter – yes that’s right if you have the money you can get a helicopter transfer! This would hands down be the quickest way up the mountain but you would undoubtedly pay a substantial amount for it.


    Where to Stay


    The best place to find reasonably priced accommodation is on Airbnb or booking.com. Many locals leave after the Ski season ends and put their apartments up on there. Most of the apartments are small but have everything you need including a kitchen so you can eat in to save money. To rent an apartment it will cost you between €200-300 euro per week. Most of them sleep 3/4 minimum so the more people in your group the more cost-effective.


    The hotels are lovely however not great if you are on a budget. I think my Dad paid €84 per person per night half board to give you an idea. For that they also got a complementary activity pass and access to the Spa. Skyscanner also lets you search for accommodation and they include booking.com so its worth looking there first.

    Things to do

    I have written a whole post on things to do in Tignes in the Summer so take a look at that here.

    To save money make sure you get yourself an activity pass and use it. If you book a hotel it will be included, if you don’t you will need to buy one from the tourist information center. Cost is from €27 for 3 days. It covers everything from canoeing to archery.


    Useful Information

    Sun Cream – make sure you bring some high factor with you. It really is a must as you can burn very easy up there. My whole family burnt to a crisp in a matter of about 30 mins and suffered for a few days because of it. It may not feel very hot because of the cool wind but the sun is strong.

    Weather – The weather can change very quickly so if you are planning on a day hiking make sure you pack for all eventualities, its wise to also pack some emergency supplies just incase as the rescue helicopter can’t get you in a thunderstorm. Don’t get caught on a hike unprepared, check the weather before you leave.

    Hiking – If you are planning on doing some hiking then I’d recommend bringing walking sticks. Mostly for the decent. I’m pretty agile but I would have appreciated the extra balance as I was bounding down the mountain!

    Altitude – Mostly people don’t notice much difference but do be careful when drinking as you will most likely get drunk quicker. Also walking up hill and doing anything when you might need to breathe heavier (like running) could be a strain. It doesn’t matter how fit you are it’s just how you are built. I found I was fine, I want running and didn’t notice much difference apart from when I ran uphill. Then I thought I might die for a minute or two…

    Traveling up and down the Mountain – Take care when Cycling or driving up between Tignes and St Maurice as local drivers can be impatient and drivers who don’t know the roads often misjudge them. Take care on the corners and just pull over to let people overtake you at the passes.


    English – Most locals speak English. There is an expat community living here all year round so although knowing some French is advisable it’s not a deal breaker.


    Where to Drink

    If you want to hunt out the Expat Community then head to:

    TC’s bar which is open all round they do a wicked Saturday morning fry up from 10am (you will find my sister in there most nights of the week propping up the bar, if you see her say hi and buy her a vodka and coke as she gave me all the information for this post).

    Marmot Arms is a very friendly bar, the staff are always up for a laugh. Its a sports bar so you will always find some kind of sport on the TVs and they do a wicked burger.

    Embuscade is a French bar but there are lots of English-speaking people who go there. They do cocktails and lot of deals at happy hour. If the weather is nice they have a lovely terrace where you can relax with your cocktail.

    Loop Bar is another pub with English-speaking staff. They have a big sunny terrace and younger chill out vibe to it.


    Where to Eat

    There are loads of shops spotted all over all about the same price where you can buy food to prepare yourself.

    There are also lots of take aways offering deliver (you can even get Raclette and Fondue delivered)

    Cheap places to eat out:

    Pizza and Crêpe snack bar

    Ron de Vous – reasonably priced range of French food and pizza and pasta

    Or you can eat in any of the bars mentioned above for a reasonable price.


    Parking and Travel around the resort

    There is a free local bus that you can get to take you around the resort that runs throughout the day.

    Parking is free all over the resort

    There are local taxis but everywhere is walking distance within the resort so you shouldn’t really need it.



    Skyscanner_Elite_V2_loch**This post and others that I will be writing including Skyscanner are as a brand ambassador for them. However, this post and all others are 100% my honest views and experiences. I would NEVER advocate for a company that I didn’t love and use personally.

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  • How I afford to Travel – Step 4 Saving Money


    Firstly I am no money saving expert, quite the contrary! Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you me and saving money are far from friends. However over the past few years my money spending priorities have changed. Feeding my addiction to travel has far outweighed my shoe and handbag addictions, and gone is my need to go out partying every weekend. Instead my weekend hangovers have been replaced with weekends spent searching Skyscanner for my next cheap flight to explore a new place.

    So I wanted to share some of my top tips to change your spending habits to help you afford your travel ambitions!

    1. Get a moneybox. Honestly do it. Not one that you can dip into to dig out change for the bus. Get one that you have to smash to get into it! I save £2 coins only and it holds over £1000 when full. If you are planning an adventure next summer start a year in advance and you have your spending money sorted! You can also get the tin ones in most £1 shops.

    Piggy Bank, Currency, Savings.

    2. Don’t party so hard. Being 34 this was pretty easy as I no longer feel the need to spend my weekends out clubbing. I’m no saint, if it’s a special occasion I’ll always be there, but I limit my spending money and consider not drinking as that’s a instant way of watching what I spend. Plus I’d rather be sipping cocktails by the pool somewhere hot than downing pints round the local…

    Bocal of fruity cocktail on a beach table

    3. Cut down on monthly outgoings. Use comparison websites to check if you could save money on household bills, ask yourself if you really need your expensive sky TV bundle or if you are really using your Netflix account. If the answer is no then get rid of it. Doing this alone I saved over £40 a month…that’s enough for a cheap flight to Europe from the UK.
    4. Cut down on clothes. I hardly spend any money on clothes anymore and when I do I find myself checking their practicality. What am I going to wear this for? Do I really need it? If I don’t I put it back. It’s a personal choice but right now I’d rather be saving for my adventures than dressed head to toe in designer clothing. That said if I have a special occasion I need something for I will first search ebay and spend a bit more on a designer dress I know that I can sell on once I’ve worn it. In these days of Facebook and Instagram when no one wants their picture taken in the same outfit I’d much rather get something a bit more expensive that I can easily sell after I’ve worn it. Or failing that just raid your friends wardrobe!

    Set of light colored dresses on a wooden hangers

    5. Start cooking and bring your lunch to work. This is personally the one thing I find the most difficult to follow! Mostly because of my hectic lifestyle and addiction of caffeinated drinks to get me through life. But its also a super easy way to save money. Shopping daily for what you need will save you from throwing out unused food and preparing your lunch for work will stop you overspending on lunch. Buy yourself a hot drink travel mug and resist the urge to pay a daily visit to Starbucks or Costa. If you really can’t help yourself then at least pick up a loyalty card so you can get some freebies.
    6. Start collecting points! In the UK it’s not easy to get lots of Air Miles from credit cards but there are still ways. Sign yourself up for accounts with all the airlines who offer points schemes. I have a nectar card which you can use to pay for flights with Easy Jet, My Tesco Clubcard points automatically get converted into Virgin Miles, I have a BA miles account as I use them a lot for international flights and I also have accounts with Delta and Miles and More. It all adds up and you can use your points for discounted or free flights. I always keep an eye out for offers on extra points and flash sales.
    7. Give your money to someone else. If you, like me, have the breaking strain of a soggy Kit Kat then this is a must. Set up a standing order to someone trustworthy (I send money each month to my Dad) for safekeeping. Give them strict instructions to only hand over the money under certain circumstances. This makes it that much more inaccessible and ensures that you must have a valid reason to dip into it.
    8. My last piece of advice is to just book the flight! Even if it means you will be a bit short that month there is no greater incentive than actually having something to look forward to. It gives you the strength to turn down the invitation to the cinema, put the shoes back on the shelf and eat that home-made salad for lunch.


    I hope some of these hints and tips can help inspire you to start saving for your travels and do make sure you check out my other posts in this series on Booking your flights, Accommodation and Planning your trip.

    I’d love to know what you think, and any other top tips you have. Please leave me a comment below!

    **I’m working with Skyscanner to help find you the best deals on flights**

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  • Top 10 things to do in Tignes in the Summer


    So it finally happened, my little sister got my up to her mountain home! Her thirst for a new adventure and love for Skiing saw her leave blighty over a year ago to start a new life up in the French Alps. Despite many invitations to come and stay with her I have always declined. As I’m sure Sarah would agree as much as we love each other we are very different.

    Sorry Sarah, I couldn’t resist…she’s the naked one! This was taken on a family holiday probably in the late eighties!

    Things my sister and I have in common:

    • We both love travel
    • We both like cheese

    Yea that’s pretty much it…

    • I love Sun, Sea and Sand – She loves skiing and hates going in the sea
    • I hate flying – she used to fix helicopters
    • I’m a vegetarian – the sight of a salad makes her break out in a cold sweat


    I have a theory; I’m a Pisces (water sign) and she’s a Gemini (Air Sign). I feel most at home surrounded by water she much prefers to be up in the clouds or hurtling down a mountain. I also hate being cold. I just don’t like it. Give me sand over snow any day of the week. Anyway for my Dad’s 60th he wanted to go and visit my Sister. Knowing his Birthday was in July and being confident that the temperatures would be mild and snow pretty much melted I finally decided it was time to visit Tignes.


    It is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The pictures I took just don’t do it justice. There were so many times on the trip that I just stood in awe of what I was seeing. For me personally I don’t think I would have been so blown away at the same view covered in snow. The Alps in the summer are a world away from the mountains in the winter months.


    So why visit Tignes in the summer? What is there to do once the snow melts I hear you cry! Well there is a lot to do and along with the expert help of my sister here is our top 10 things to do during the summer season:

    1. Skiing and Snow boarding – During the Summer there are very few places in Europe that are still open for skiing. In Tignes you can still ski up on the glacier. I spoke to a lot of people while I was there who all raved about how great the Skiing was which they were pleasantly surprised about. You can Ski every day from 7am until 1pm. After 1pm. Do go early though as once the sun comes out it starts becoming to slushy.img_9709
    2. Mountain Biking – Once the snow melts and the skiers leave the mountain bikers arrive. Just watching them filled me full of anxiety but they seemed to be having a great time speeding down the mountains in gear to rival American Football players. I noticed lots of beginners lessons and children’s biking schools advertised so whatever your level if you like the idea of speeding down mountains on two wheels then get yourself to Tignes.img_9606
    3. Hiking – Now this was one activity that I could get onboard with. Two feet on the ground putting one foot in front of another! There are 25 routes and you can buy a guide-book from the tourist information center. And the best bit (if you aren’t scared of heights like me) is that if you don’t fancy the trek up the mountain you can use some of the Ski lifts for free and then just hike down.
    4. Lake Water Activities – From Water balls to SUP Yoga there is a whole host of fun activities you can do on the tranquil lake. It’s also a great (mostly flat) spot for a jog. One lap is 1.5 miles and there are just a few steep hilly parts to test how good your running is at high altitude.
    5. Golf – Next to the lake is a gold course for golfing pros, for everyone else they have mini golf just a short walk down the road.
    6. Other Activities – There are too many to name all of them. Trust me if you want a holiday packed with activities (especially if you have children) then this is the place for you! To name a few of my top ones: Beach Volleyball (that’s right they have built a beach up in the mountains), Archery, Shooting, Trampolining and Skating in the skate park. For a full list visit the Tignes website.
    7. Horse Riding – What better way to spend an afternoon than galloping through the Alps on a horse?!
    8. White Water Rafting – From Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Gothard there are different grades depending on your experience and how crazy a time you fancy having on the river. I didn’t get chance to do this personally but next time it’s top of my list.
    9. Climbing – Another activity not on my list but if you fancy going to climb school what better place than Tignes? You can choose to climb on the rocks or head indoors to Tignespace.
    10. Indoor Gym and Wellness Centre – All of those sports and activities can take their toll, so make sure you leave some time to relax in the Wellness Centre as well as the usual spa treatments you can unwind in a Turkish bath. Or if you haven’t done enough you could always hit the gym!


    The thing that stuck me the most about visiting Tignes in the summer (a part from how beautiful it is) was how much fun it was! It’s impossible to get bored as there is so much to do. If I had children this would be the perfect holiday to keep them entertained. The whole place was just full of happy, active and adventurous people, so if that’s your vibe then what are you waiting for get you flight booked now!




    Skyscanner_Elite_V2_loch**This post and others that I will be writing including Skyscanner are as a brand ambassador for them. However, this post and all others are 100% my honest views and experiences. I would NEVER advocate for a company that I didn’t love and use personally.

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  • How I afford to travel – Step 3 do your research


    If you have followed my posts for the past few weeks you should now know how to bag yourself a cheap flight using Skyscanner and some bargain accommodation using booking.com, now the next step to traveling on a budget is doing your research! Keep reading for my top tips to help you research for any trip:

    1. Sign up for a Pinterest account. Pinterest is a total game changer and although it may take a bit to get your head around it, once you do it can be every travellers best friend.


    Step 1. Once you have signed up create a board using your trips name or the destination ie Peru. Make sure you have downloaded/ added the Pinterest widget to your search engine for easy pinning.
    Step 2 Start Googling!
    Step 3 When you find something you like and is informative/ useful for your trip simply find an image and hover your cursor over the image and a little pin simple will show up. Click on it and then click on the board you want to add it to. After a while of doing this Pinterest will start suggesting things to you. You can also search Pinterest to articles and subscribe to other boards.


    I started using this as a research tool for 2 reasons;

    1. Sometimes I found something I didn’t have time to read so I saved it for later.
    2. When I found something useful I could save it so I could find it when I was away and needed it.

    Doing this made traveling Thailand so much easier as everything I needed was on the board!

    So what do you actually need to research I hear you ask! Well there is no definitive answer to this as everyone is different. But as a starting point here is my normal process:
    1. Where to stay – I simply google ‘where to stay in XXX’ or ‘best places to stay in XXX’ anything you read that you like add to your pinboard. Once I know where I want to stay I will book my accommodation (see previous post).
    2. How to get there – If you need a flight check out my post on getting cheap flights using Skyscanner. If you plan on travelling on ground and need public transport the best way to find out the best information is through travel blogs or travel forums. Simply google ‘best way to travel from X to Y’ or ‘getting from X to Y’ and go from there. Make notes and be sure to pin anything useful.
    3. Getting to your accommodation – Again I always rely on my fellow travel bloggers for this! Especially if you want to make sure you choose the cheapest option. Check out the airports website if you are flying and read their traveling to/ from information. Then also look at your hotels information. That should give you some ideas and starting places, then pick out some keywords from your research and try to find some information that travel bloggers have written.

    I always try to get the following:

    • Public transport options (including cost)
    • Airport Transfer cost
    • Private Taxi cost (including any airport fees)
    • Uber cost
    • Hire car cost (if you don’t mind driving)

    I always make notes on all of them and keep them on me even if I have pre-booked an airport transfer. That way you are well prepared if anything happens. Always make sure you have a printed map of where your accommodation is and a phone number. If you are traveling by public transport use the information on the accommodation website telling you how to find them. I’d also always check if they do free transfers as many places do offer this.
    4. My next port of call is normally to search something like ‘Top 10 things to do in X’ or ‘Must see X’ then I start skimming through various articles and blogs. Any I like I save into my Pinboard and make rough notes in my travel planner along with things to keep in mind about visiting that place/ attraction, cost, when to visit and how to get there. The best place to search things to do is in Pintrest itself. Start searching by the country or place and then click on the pictures you like and save time, then go back later and read the articles. Don’t forget to also search for food and drink and good places to go so you don’t miss any amazing gastronomical experiences!
    5. Once you know where you are going, how you are getting there, where you are staying and what you would like to do when you get there you need to know what to pack! Once again this is an area of travel blogger expertise. There is nothing we love more that helping fellow travelers out by sharing our ‘Packing Tips and Tricks for X’ and ‘What to Wear in Y’ so be sure to search for this advice and use it. Again if you find something you like then pin it. And use my handy packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything important.
    6. My last search is always about do’s and don’t in that particular country and culture. I always include a quick scan over local news and current affairs so I’m aware of anything that could impact my trip. Being aware of local customs and cultural norms just helps you to make sure you are a culturally responsible traveller. If you want to know my thoughts on this take a look at this post I wrote on it here. I have personally found it makes my trip that much smoother to know I shouldn’t be running round touching Monks in Thailand, or upsetting my waiter in America by not tipping etc. Make a mental note of these things, pin them, jot them down in your travel planner and avoid any embarrassing situations.

    This is installment 3 of my 4 part guide to affordable travel. Installment 1 was about cheap flight booking with Skyscanner, Installment 2 was all about booking accommodation and next week the last installment will be about a few travel hacks to save money.

    Everything in these guides I use myself and 100% endorse.

    Skyscanner_Elite_V2_loch**This post and others that I will be writing including Skyscanner are as a brand ambassador for them. However, this post and all others are 100% my honest views and experiences. I would NEVER advocate for a company that I didn’t love and use personally.

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  • Where I’ve been hiding and The Versatile Blogger Award


    Firstly I must apologies for my absence! I’ve been a little MIA since the end of July and I’m only just finding some space and time to begin to write again. At one point I have 400 emails in my Claire’s Itchy Feet email…


    So where have I been I hear you ask? Well firstly as you may guess from the tagline “Dance travelling the world…” I’m a dancer, and a choreographer. The company I Co-Founded received funding for me to choreograph a new piece on them called ‘Etch’ which will tour from September 2016. So I was busy in the studio in August/ September making the piece. If you would like to see more take a look at the promo film.


    However the really big news is that over the past 3 months I have been selling/ binning/ gifting all of my ‘stuff’, handing over Exim and finishing up my work as a dance producer and moving to the other side of the country! Last week was my final week living in Plymouth, UK, My home for the past 13 years. I’ve moved back ‘up north’ to Liverpool and into the spare room at my Aunts house for the next three months before I leave the UK for the foreseeable future. So HUGE changes for me! I’m going to be spending the next 3 months focusing on my blog as well as my freelance digital nomad work and getting some courses done to prepare for my new nomadic lifestyle…more to come on this over the coming weeks.

    While I was away some pretty exciting things happened! I was chosen to join the Skyscanner Elite Team so I’ll be able to share lots of great tips about flight booking as well as some great deals and I was also awarded the Versatile Blogger award by Helen from Beautiful is my Attire. If you would like to know more about the award you can read up on it here.

    So here are 7 things about me:

    1. I’ve had a lot of jobs…like so many and I loved them all. I’ve been in the Royal Navy, worked in a pharmacy, a Deli, managed a coffee shop, picked Tomato’s (I actually hated that one), Professional Dancer, Make-up Artist, Receptionist at Toni and Guy…I could go on.
    2. I used to HATE any kind of vegetable and I recently became a vegetarian. I think my Mum and Dad are still a little shocked by this revelation. As a child I would refuse to eat anything apart from ham sandwiches. Then I started eating carrots in my mid twenties and gradually started eating more and more veg then this year I stopped eating meat.
    3. I’ve gone from owning 20+ pairs of shoes to 5! Yup they have all gone…I’m now the proud owner of the most sensible shoe collection ever. I did keep my bright yellow heels though, just in case!
    4. I’m learning Spanish. In spite of 2 years tuition at school I’m still not very good but my first stop on my trip is to Guatemala to take 4 weeks intensive tuition at the Cooperative school.
    5. I love French TV and Films. My fav at the moment is The Bureau season 2 has just come onto Amazon and I’m hooked.
    6. I’m terrified of heights. And Flying. And Bridges. Oh and driving up or down mountains. Basically I like my feet on the floor, preferably in the sand or the sea.
    7. I hate the cold. My little sister lives up the in the French Alps, its beautiful, I’m always up for a summer visit but you won’t ever see me there in the winter, the snow just doesn’t do it for me.


    OK so here are my 15 nominations:

    This is Sally Bell

    Dream and Wander

    M V M T Blog

    Snap Free Life

    Bianca Blogs


    Tracking Twenty

    The Urban Wanderer

    Travels and More

    All Thats Mom

    Pinky and Pug

    Art of Healthy Living

    Rebekahs Reviews

    Little Zurich Kitchen

    Healthier Travels



    Thanks again to Helen for my nomination.


    Skyscanner_Elite_V2_loch**This post and others that I will be writing including Skyscanner are as a brand ambassador for them. However, this post and all others are 100% my honest views and experiences. I would NEVER advocate for a company that I didn’t love and use personally.

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  • How your hobbies can help you make friends when travelling

    How your hobbies can help you make friends when travelling

    Traveling solo has its pros and cons. As much as I love to travel alone, I also love to make new friends and connecting with like-minded people. I’ve always been an active person and through dance I’ve made friends all over the world through my training and work. One thing I have learnt is that it’s so much easier to connect with new people when you have common ground and even easier when you can can slip right into a whole community of people who share your interest.

    This became really clear to me after I started doing CrossFit. Yes I know I know it is a bit of a cult and people do get obsessed with it. I hold my hands up, I was one of them. BUT I was also able to travel around the world, walk into any CrossFit box and be greeted with a warm smile and the offer of friendship. I’ve been invited shopping or for coffee after class, I’ve been invited on nights out, I’ve been given Tshirts to keep and best of all I’ve gotten to hang out and chat to new people. I don’t really do it anymore but I have found a similar thing with Yoga, dance, running pretty much any hobby I have happened to be into at that time.

    I suppose it accelerates the friendship building process! You have something to talk about, something to bring you together and it makes it really easy to build on that foundation.

    So if you are traveling solo and feeling a bit lonely, head to a dance or yoga class…or drop into a CrossFit box if you are feeling really brave! Or if fitness isn’t your thing what communities did you belong to back home? Wherever you are in the world I bet you can find a community of like-minded people there too.

    Pin ItHow hobbies can help you make friends when travelling

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  • 5 things that will confuse Brits when visiting NYC

    Things that will confuse brits in NYC

    I just want to say I LOVE New York, it’s my home from home and I think the people are incredible and no disrespect meant, but when I started visiting my Mum who lives there I had so many embarrassing moments because of these differences in language and customs. Having been several times now for some extended stays, I’m feeling less like a clueless tourists.

    One of the big things for me to get my head around was some of the language differences: and I don’t mean “tomato” or “oregano”, or even “aluminum” (we all know us Brits are right about those 😉 ). I’m taking about the big ones, the ones that leave you feeling a bit lost, confused and often a bit embarrassed.

    So here’s five things you will mostly likely hear that will make no sense to you at first as a british person, and what they actually mean:

    1. Pocket Book – I still struggle with this one…I just don’t get it. Please if anyone can explain this to me? I would be super grateful. In the UK a pocket-book is a notebook that fits in your pocket. In the USA a pocket-book is a handbag. It had nothing to do with books or pockets, well unless it’s a pocket for your books, although that would be a book bag surly? Anyway it’s a handbag so don’t get confused about books and pockets.
    2. Don’t ask for a return on public transport. They will just look at you like you’re a strange foreigner. Ask for a round trip instead (this one I can get onboard with).
    3. In New York you don’t stand in-line, you stand on-line.
    4. Don’t ask for the toilet ask for the bathroom or the rest room. It’s seen as a bit rude to talk about toilets. This one I find so funny. I’m not taking a bath, and I’m most definitely not having a little rest in there…
    5. If you don’t eat all of your food they will wrap it up so you can take it home. This is my favorite one! If you ate in a restaurant in the UK and asked for your leftovers to be wrapped up and taken home they would think you were a bit strange. We just don’t do it. But we totally should! I mean if you have paid for it and there was too much to eat why not take it home?
    6. When you go out for drinks the bar staff keep your bank card. I got so confused when this first happened! I didn’t quite catch what the bartender asked me so being British, I smiled and nodded. Now this has some pros and cons. Pros are you don’t have to keep queuing at the bar and paying. Cons are the drunker you get the less you care how much you are spending!

    I know the last three aren’t specific to NYC I they are pretty common all over the USA.

    Pin It5 Things that will confuse Brits when visiting NYC

    I’d love to hear about your experiences of  traveling and getting confused by these small differences in language and customs, so make sure to leave me a comment below.